12 Days of Christmas – Snow

This is my day one post for the 12 days of christmas blog hop! 😀

Enjoy 🙂

The rule states I should write a 200 – 300 word story but I uh exceeded a bit. Haha!

John was given twelve tasks to complete and only a year to do them all. Not enough time considering some of the tasks involved required him to meet with unpleasant folks, but doing the impossible had always been his forte. Yuna’s face swam in his head and his resolved strengthened. It would take all of heaven and hell’s armies to stop him from saving the girl he loved.

The world was a flurry of white. Anything beyond a foot from him was impossible to be seen. His staff glowed blue and the light grew stronger with each step he took. The first item was very near. John took a step, then another, and another. On the third one, he heard something crack. John paused. The wind howled all around him. He lifted his foot which made the ice beneath him crack again. John sighed and the ice beneath broke and he fell.

The white was replaced with darkness and the smallest of movement sent pain throughout his body. His staff lay two feet away from him; its glow made it visible amidst the darkness. Slowly he got to his feet. He could taste blood in his mouth and he felt pain from his right leg whenever he placed weight on it.

Grimacing with pain, John dragged himself to his staff. He lifted it up and the diamond placed on top hummed with energy. The diamond projected a blue beam which bounced off the cave’s walls and into an opening. John followed the beam as fast as he could.

The light led him to a cavern dotted with puddles of water. At the far side of the cavern was a pedestal and seated on it was the first snowflake.

“Bingo,” John said.

John carefully lifted it; the very first snowflake of the world’s very first winter. Handmade by the gods themselves, it was designed to never melt. Behind John, he heard the sound of an explosion. The smell of sulfur filled the air. He turned around to see Misery. The demon grinned at him and clapped his hands.

“Very well done, Master John, well done indeed,” Misery said. “But alas, this is only the first of your tasks and the easiest one as well. You have eleven more to accomplish before you’ll be able to see your beloved Yuna.”

John said nothing. He tossed the snowflake to the demon. The demon caught it midair and vanished into a puff of smoke. John smashed a stalagmite with his staff and screamed in fury. The young knight slowly made his way out of the cavern…