The octopus

Raises its arms

And it starts to spin.


The lights are blinking,

The seats are spinning,

The music is beating

Like a heart,


In my ears.


And it goes faster

And faster

And faster.

And my eyes

Find you:

I see your face,

And your laugh,

And your eyes,

And your love,

And your hair,


With the wind.

We go faster.


The air

Fills up

With the screaming

And laughing.

My ears

Fill up

With the music,

Like a heartbeat,

And your screaming,

And your laughing,

And you.

I fill up with you.


And we look at each other:

The only constants

In a blur of everything.

We look at each other,

As the octopus

Spins us faster,

And the screaming

And the laughing

Goes mute

And there’s only us

And our breathing.

But the three minutes

Are up

And the ride is over

And the spinning

Slows down

And the music

Goes out

Like a heart

That’s gone flatline.


We step out

And you say goodbye

And things slow down

And I reach out for you

But I know the ride is


Our three minutes

Are up

And it’s over.