Visual Dare – Separation

Visual Dare is a little something created by Angela Goff.

Basically it’s about creating a story using the image below as the prompt. 🙂

The pain didn’t come in small bursts; it came as a whole. My body folded to the ground and I could hear my own self screaming for it to stop, but I knew it wouldn’t. The pain filled every part of me until I became the pain itself. There was no longer me but only the pain. I coughed up blood and my skin started to tear. Everything was swallowed in white and my ears were filled with nothing but my screaming. I knew the process was only beginning.

The hands came out first. The bones in my fingers started to crack and break followed by the skin. The white started to part as if a veil was lifted from my eyes. I then started seeing doubles and my skull felt like cracking. I dropped on the ground and thrashed and convulsed. Then the screaming turned into two…

I stood up slowly and helped my other get on his feet.

“Splitting into two was always nasty. Can never get used to it,” I heard my other say.

My head still felt like it was being chopped up by an axe. I just answered him with a nod.

“Head still hurtin’? Don’t we have an aspirin in our pockets? Take two of those and you’ll be fine. Maybe, take three.”

“I will,” I answered. I gave him a camera and said: “Here. You cover the left wing and I’ll take care of the main entrance. If necessary, split yourself into two again. We need to cover every side. We’ve finally tracked down the double agent and Agent Z will never forgive us if we let him out of our sights.”

My other gave me a wink. I watched as he melded into the shadows and out of sight.