I was pushed down to the sofa. In front of me was the coffee table and sitting, waiting, on top of it was the drink. The four of them stood in front of me and the coffee table in a semi-circle. Their eyes were wide and their grins were Cheshire like.

“Drink, drink, drink,” they chanted. It started slow at first.

I smiled at them with my hands in front of me—palms facing them. “Come on guys,” I said. I tried standing up but June laid a huge hand on my shoulder and pushed me back down.

“Drink, drink, drink” the chant started to pick up speed.

I tried to get June’s hand off of me but his grip was strong. August laid his hand on my other shoulder and I was left with no choice.

I looked at the cup of coffee. It was black, no sugar, and steaming hot—the way I used to drink them. Suddenly, the living room became hot and I started to sweat.

I gripped my knees with my fingers as I fought off the urge. I was clean for two months straight now, I thought to myself. I’m not going back.

“Just a little sip,” December purred with her innocent voice.

“Yeah March, a little sip won’t hurt you,” January added.

I closed my eyes and I tried to tune their sweet voices out. Don’t they know? A little sip is more than enough to bring me hurtling back to how I was before.

“Bring the fan out,” I hear August say.

January laughed. I opened my eyes out of curiosity and I saw January holding a pink colored fan. She started to move it up and down and up and down. The smell of the drink drifted towards me.

“Oh god,” I weakly said. I knew resistance was futile. The intoxicating scent slowly started to cloud my mind. I found my hands moving on their own. Shaking, trembling, they reached for the cup on the table. Sweat poured down my face as I brought the cup to my lips.

“That’s it, just a small sip,” June said.

I did as I was told. I took a sip, and then another, and another. As I relished the bitter taste of the drink, I felt the hands release my shoulders. I saw them laughing and smiling. I knew I was back. The sleepless nights had return once more.