My lover is the Earth


Spring was her smile,
The first time I saw her.
It’s the curling of her lips
The wrinkles forming beside her eyes,
Like a flower,
Slowly blooming:
Sweet, unforgettable.
A photograph forever embedded
In my mind.
Spring was her laughter
Floating in the air.
It was when our hands
Were together,
And that comfortable silence
Sat between us,
And the thought that
Tomorrow never seemed bad
Lingered in our hearts.


Summer was her eyes:
Warm and safe and
Forever will be my secret place.
Her eyes,
Like a warm sunset
Painting the sky
With beauteous colors.
It was the sunlight
Hitting her face just right,
Enough to make my heart sing.
Summer was her hair
Getting tangled with the wind
And my fingers
Sliding through them.
Summer was her embrace;
The heat of her body
On my skin,
And her head on my chest,
And nothing else mattered.


Autumn was the painful
That lingered
Between us:
In the car,
During lunch,
In her embraces.
Autumn was the falling out.
Autumn was me
Foolishly clinging
On to something long gone.
Autumn was her love,
Like the leaves,
And beautiful
And falling
To the ground
To be swept
Autumn was the tears
Sliding down her cheeks.
It was the sign that read:
“All good things come to an end.”


Is the now;
The long nights
And the cold mornings.
It is the memories
Of times long gone,
Of her smiles,
Of her kisses.
Winter is auld lang syne.
Winter is the way she looks at

It is the end.
Winter is her
Walking away.