Visual Dare – Listening

I’ve missed a lot of visual dares and I’m playing catch-up. I’ll be starting with the image below and I’ll be working my way from there.

I’m planning to do a mini series with the ones I’ve missed and hopefully the future dares Angela will be releasing.

Read and enjoy 🙂

Visual Dare – Listening


The cat’s insistent mewing woke me up. I opened my eyes and I saw it staring right at me—its eyes were unblinking and human like. The train jerked to a stop and my head bounced off the wall I’m leaning on.

Fuck, I thought to myself. I tried standing up but my legs refused to obey.

The train doors opened in unison and the people started marching in. The sound of their footsteps felt like sledgehammers on my head.

Jack, stay with us.

There was that voice again. I closed my eyes and shook my head. Stop! I grabbed the bottle lying beside me and tried to drink from it. Empty. I tossed the bottle to the side and the people nearest to me started inching away.

Don’t…don’t tune us out. Jack! Stay with us.

I forcefully got on my feet. The doors closed and the train started moving. I looked in front and saw the cat still had its eyes on me.

Jack, listen closely: you have to go to the very first cart. Go now before the next stop. He’s coming. You have to go.

My feet started moving on their own. The people within the train parted like the red sea. Maybe from the way I looked? Scruffy beard, empty beer bottle in hand, clothes that haven’t been washed for days. Or maybe they were driven away by the way I smell. Maybe by both…

I felt something brush against my leg. I looked down and saw the black cat. How could no one see the cat?

Good. Go further, Jack. Go further.

The train was slowing down. The next stop was just ahead. Beneath me, the cat broke off into a run. It turned its head and looked at me. What happened next caught me completely off-guard. The cat opened its mouth…and shouted a single word at me. It shouted: “Come!”

It stopped me. The train went to a halt and the doors opened once again. A coldness ran down my spine as a strange feeling brewed within my gut. I looked behind me and I saw a tall man dressed in a black suit. He looked at me and smiled.

“Hello, Jack,” I heard him say though his lips didn’t move.

I knew I had to run. I turned around and followed the cat.