Visual Dare – Alone

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Visual Dare – Alone

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I sat at the foot of the Knight’s statue—an island in a sea of people. The day had a downcast sky and a light drizzle fell over us. Within the crowd, umbrellas bobbing up and down were mixed with those rushing to not get wet.

I took out a small notebook from my jacket pocket and flipped the pages to somewhere in the middle. I read the stuff I wrote about a week ago. Everything on the page, and on the nine succeeding pages, was all about a man named Cole Collins—war hero, husband, father, and serial killer.

I requested to be assigned to his case after he was transferred to a maximum-security prison. He pleaded to be not guilty all throughout. He kept telling me about this man in his dreams, telling him what to do.

My train of thought was broken by the sound of my name being called. I looked up and I saw a bright, red umbrella bobbing its way towards me. The umbrella lifted and a very, beautiful face appeared.

“Doctor Jack Sanderson?” She had brown hair tightly tied into a bun over her head, eyes of emerald green behind black-rimmed glasses, and a pointed chin.

I pushed my glasses up my face and gave a nod.

“Right,” the girl said. She then extended a gloved hand and said: “I am Cathlyn Lopez, but you can call me Cat. Are you ready, Doctor?”

I stood up and shook her hand. “You’ll be bringing me to—“

“Yes, I’ll be bringing you to Cole and you’ll be helping us get into his head.”