In the darkness of my room

I felt the heat

Roll in waves,

And from somewhere

My ears caught the sound

Of radio static

Morphing into a song.


In the darkness

I remembered things—

The sand and,

The sound and,

The sun and,

The pain.


And I found myself

Buried knee-deep

In white sand.

Before me

Was the ever expanding


A wall of blue and clouds,

Adorned with the outlines

Of sailboats.


Above me

Was the heaven,

A ceiling unreachable,

With the sun

As our eternal audience—

The lens of

God’s telescope

As he continuously scrutinizes his pieces.


Behind me

Were the people

Walking to and fro,

Here and there,

Being left in the past,

Being taken into the future,

People with names,

People without faces,

People carrying pieces

Of me,

People whose pieces

I carry.


From somewhere far,

Beneath the moon

And an explosion of stars,

Came the hushed sound

Of a kiss,

And the cries of

A man broken.


And before me

Were the waves—


And Roaring,

And Crashing

Into me.


And I opened up

My eyes

And I was back

In the darkness.

And in the darkness

I remembered things…