Title – Anna
Author – JB Lacaden
eBook – Yes

Everything was perfect. The band? Everyone loved them. They just finished playing their third song and was prepping for the fourth one. The food? Heavenly. Waiters carrying silver trays walked up and down and left and right all over the hall and the guests would snatch one piece here or one piece there and they’d all nod and say “this is good”.

Everyone was dressed in their best and they all had smiles on their faces. Anna was showered with congratulations and gifts and best wishes. Even the heavens outside seemed to show their approval. Anna heard people talking about how the sky seemed to be crowded with more stars than usual and how large and pretty the moon was.

In other words, the wedding was perfect. It was the type of wedding any normal girl would want to have. Unfortunately, Anna was no normal girl.

The (former) Fairy Queen shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She tried hiding the annoyance and the boredom from her face with smiles and laughter but it was getting harder with each passing minute. The only thing that kept Anna from going berserk was the man seated beside her.

She looked at him and he gave her a smile and he mouthed the words “Just a little bit more, love” and she’d smile back and nod. She’d tell herself “just a little bit more, Anna” and that would make things fine…for a while.

Minutes passed and Anna, once again, started feeling bored. Her eyes scanned the room until they finally landed on a chubby, middle age woman wearing a very pink dress. She stood in the corner of the room with a skinny looking man. She was laughing loudly as the man in front of her spoke. For some inexplicable reason, Anna didn’t like the chubby lady. As a matter of fact, the woman irritated Anna.

Anna tapped the shoulder of her husband. “Who’s that?” She asked.

“Who, love?”

“That one, in the pink dress,” Anna whispered.

“Oh, Aunt Beth?” Her husband replied.

“I don’t like her,” Anna said.

Her husband gave a laugh. “Let me tell you a secret, love. No one does.”

This brought a smile to Anna’s lips. Her husband then excused himself as he stood up and talked to a jolly looking man.

For a while, Anna observed Beth and for a while she was able to control herself. But, eventually, the fairy queen couldn’t control herself any longer. She smiled a mischievous smile and directed a finger at Beth. A spell passed between her lips. Instantly, Beth’s skin turned the same color as her dress. Anna fought hard to keep herself from laughing.

The man Beth was talking to seemed to notice no change in Beth. Their conversation went on. The man, Anna found out, was Uncle Timothy.

Anna watched Beth transform into a pink hippo. But she soon grew bored again and her sights landed on poor Timothy (Old Tim as he’s known to his friends).

“You, sir, look like a…” Anna frowned as she thought of an animal that best described Old Tim. “Ah!” Anna grinned a mischievous grin and she pointed a finger at Old Tim.

The man’s two front teeth suddenly exploded in size and his ears grew long and white and fluffy. Anna burst out laughing.


Anna started at the sound of her husband’s voice.

“Why is Beth a hippo and Tim’s a rabbit?”

Anna raised a hand.

Her husband looked at her with a face that stated disapproval. “Change them back, yes?”

Anna gave a nod.

Her husband smiled and planted a kiss on top of her head. He sat back down again by her side and whispered to her: “Know what, love? That guy there, Will, looks very much like a walrus, yes?”

Anna smiled at this. She looked at her husband and he winked back at her. Anna pointed a finger at Will…