VisDare – Basking

The bronze lion felt cold to the touch. He didn’t know how long he was up there. He didn’t care. He watched the sky turn from blue to rust to bruise. He stretched out his arms and he lay down on his back as stars popped up like diamond mushrooms above him.

Everyone needs a vacation, he’d decided yesterday. And that was the reason he was on his back on top of a hundred foot bronze lion that overlooked the city.

He just felt tired.

He’d come swooping in and saving the day. The bad guy gets locked up. The following morning? Another one of the “supervillains”, that was the label given to them, would show up and he’d do everything all over again. A routine. That was how everything felt.

He closed his eyes tight and pushed the thought away. He couldn’t afford to think like that. He was the only one they have.

He breathed in the night. It filled his lungs and it tasted sweet.

Vacation’s over.

He opened his eyes as he sat up. He allowed his super hearing to kick in. All at once the city came to life in one roaring cacophony of sirens and laughter and voices and cries for help.

To his right, about a block or two away, he heard the familiar sound of a burning building and the panicked voices of firemen and civilians alike. Somewhere in Fifth Avenue came the soft but threatening voice of a mugger and the whimpers of the lady being mugged. There were a lot more. Too many actually. He felt them all on his shoulders.

But he was the only one they have.

Paul stood up. He had no costume on. He didn’t need one. He moved too fast for any camera or mortal eye. Paul walked to the edge of the lion’s head…then he jumped. He flew and became a streak of colors, speeding off to the direction of the burning building.