VisDare – Amnesia

Report 0824-MNE (filed by Captain March Rivers of the Mnemonic Division).

I arrived in Lucia’s office at 2100 hours. It covered the entire 350th floor of the building. I found her alone—seated behind her steel desk, as if she’d been waiting for me all along. After the events that had transpired that night, maybe she was.

“Captain Rivers,” she said, her hands formed a steeple with her elbows resting on top of the table.

“Lucia Defoe, I’d like you to come to the station with me. We have evidence suggesting your company is aiding Amnesia.”

She made a move to stand up. My hand instinctively reached for my gun. She saw this and a smile rested on her lips. She raised her hands as she resumed standing up.

“I promise you captain that I am completely armless. I find guns distasteful,” she said.

Her words did little to relax me. I kept my hand on the holster of my gun and my eyes on her as she walked from her table to behind a shelf that displayed glass trophies and plaques. Refraction caused her face to bend behind one of the glass displays.

“I suggest you come with me now, Lucia,” I said.

She stopped about three feet from me. Her hands were on her slim waist. A secret took the form of a smile on her lips. Her eyes signified knowledge unknown to me.

“You, your little band of lawmen, the entire city, you all have no idea what’s about to take place,” she said.

I tried to not show any emotions but something about Lucia unnerved me that night. Maybe it was the smile or the words she said. Lucia took a step closer, then another.

“Poor Captain Rivers. Amnesia is a much bigger threat than you know. Stealing the Penfield device is only the beginning.”

Things happened fast after that. From the corner of my eye I saw the balcony door open. A hooded man. A gun. Lucia Defoe’s body crumpled to the ground with her hand on her neck.

I chased after the assailant but he’d already leapt off the building and onto a waiting hoverpod. I went to Lucia Defoe to find her dead. From her neck I was able to retrieve the dart that her assassin shot. Lucia Defoe’s skin had turned green in color in a manner of seconds. That was when I called in to report what had transpired.