FSF – Travel

For two years I fought for an army that was destined to lose since the beginning in a war ignited by petty reasons, for seven years I was kept prisoner in a land unknown to me, and for a year I traveled halfway across the world with the sole purpose of returning to the one place I’ve always longed for – home.

I pulled down the hood of my robe, knocked on the door, and I was greeted by a face that I have not seen for what seemed to be an eternity.

She said no words and she needed not to for the tears that glistened and slid down her cheeks spoke to me more than any words could ever say.

I saw, peeking from behind her, a young boy of probably three years whose eyes had the same shade of green as hers and the pain I felt was worse than any sword, spear, or arrow could ever give me.

I shed no tears, instead, I pulled her face closer to mine and I planted a kiss on her soft lips—a kiss that I have saved for eight, long years, a kiss that conveyed to her all of my love, sadness, and longing, a kiss that said goodbye; I pulled my hood up and I left.